by Signe” — Cleane Mode von innen und außen

Foto: by Signe

by Signe” ist ein fai­res Mode­la­bel aus Däne­mark, das ich erst­mals auf der Ethi­cal Fashion Show in Ber­lin ken­nen­ge­lernt hat­te. Nicht nur die Kol­lek­tio­nen sind zum Ver­lie­ben, son­dern auch deren Desi­gne­rin und Grün­de­rin Signe Rod­bro ist bezau­bernd. Signe inter­es­sier­te sich schon als Kind für Mode und begann nach der Schu­le ein Design­stu­di­um in Däne­mark und Spa­ni­en. Ihre fai­ren Stü­cke sehen von außen so gar nicht nach “öko” aus, son­dern sind sty­lisch, über­sai­so­nal, mini­ma­lis­tisch und clean. Typisch nor­disch beschrän­ken sich die Far­ben der Kol­lek­tio­nen auf Schwarz, Weiß und Beige. Beson­ders bemer­kens­wert ist, dass Signe die abso­lu­te Kon­trol­le über die Pro­duk­ti­ons­ket­te hat, da die gesam­te Kol­lek­ti­on — vom ers­ten Design­strich bis zum letz­ten Stich — in ihrem Stu­dio in Fre­de­riks­havn gefer­tigt wird. Außer­dem sind mög­lichst alle Mate­ria­li­en bio und GOTS-zer­ti­fi­ziert und Signe ver­sucht, so wenig Ver­schnitt wie mög­lich zu produzieren.

Signe von by Signe aus Dänemark

Foto: Bes­ser Nord als nie!

What does “by Signe” stand for?
By Signe is a Danish sustain­ab­le fashion brand with a com­ple­te­ly trans­pa­rent design-pro­cess. The brand stands for crea­ting honest and mini­ma­list easy­we­ar from orga­nic mate­ri­als and an ethi­cal pro­duc­tion in our own crea­ti­ve space in Den­mark. As a desi­gner I am high­ly focu­sed on com­fort and wan­ting to keep the values of the natu­ral woman wit­hin a modern cul­tu­re. You can expect clean cuts from our Scan­di­na­vi­an aes­thetics accom­pa­nied by a soft color palet­te high­lighting the mini­ma­lism and sub­ver­si­ve ele­gan­ce behind the visu­als of the brand.

How do you defi­ne “Ethi­cal Fashion”?
Ethi­cal fashion to me is a who­le com­ple­te cir­cle of covering ever­y­thing taking care of both our envi­ron­ment but also the soci­al aspects of garment manu­fac­tu­ring. I real­ly do belie­ve that the future of fashion is sustain­ab­le, and I deci­ded to cover ever­y­thing from the begin­ning with a wish of re-thin­king the who­le pro­cess. We cover all details sustain­ab­ly from fibers to care labels and pro­duc­tion methods, to impro­ve our foot­print on the pla­net and to keep the wea­rer of our garments free from any toxic mate­ri­als or chemicals.

by Signe

Foto: Bes­ser Nord als nie!

Tell us about your background.
My inte­rest in fashion star­ted ear­ly, as a child I remem­ber copy­ing the same model over and over again, drawing new clot­hing and pat­terns on her every time. After finis­hing high school I went to a small pri­va­te tailo­ring school in Den­mark. This was when I rea­li­sed that fashion was my path to fol­low. Howe­ver, this school was very old-fashio­ned and the­re was not much room for any ima­gi­na­ti­on or crea­ti­vi­ty, so the year after I moved to Spain and stu­di­ed fashion at a Uni­ver­si­ty the­re. Retur­ning to Den­mark years later after having lived abroad.

Foto: by Signe

Foto: by Signe

Fre­de­riks­havn is whe­re we cur­r­ent­ly hou­se our stu­dio and it is actual­ly also whe­re I grew up. It is a har­bor-city in the nort­hern part of Den­mark. I have lived a few years abroad, and when I retur­ned things kind of ran­dom­ly just tur­ned into set­ting up the brand here. As we sell world­wi­de, our phy­si­cal loca­ti­on is not essen­ti­al at this point.

The aim of “by Signe” was to do sustain­ab­le clo­thes from the beginning?
Abso­lute­ly, I have a huge con­sci­ence, so when first crea­ting the brand it was essen­ti­al to me to crea­te a pro­duct that I could vouch for 100 per­cent. I set up my own pro­duc­tion to pro­ve to every scep­tic, that it is pos­si­ble in todays indus­try, to com­bi­ne design and hand­craft ethi­cal­ly and sustain­ab­ly to crea­te a deeper dimen­si­on of hones­ty and soul behind the brand.

Foto: by Signe

Foto: by Signe

Are you pro­du­cing ever­y­thing in Denmark?

Yes. We have the com­ple­te design pro­cess gathe­red under one roof in Den­mark, whe­re all collec­tions are pro­du­ced and ship­ped direct­ly from the stu­dio. This pro­vi­des us with an advan­ta­ge of being able to con­trol every sin­gle step in the pro­duct deve­lop­ment and sup­ply chain from having the raw mate­ri­al to a finis­hed pro­duct in a sustain­ab­le, ethi­cal and green approach.

Can you descri­be your crea­ti­ve pro­cess in sustain­ab­le fashion? Do you come across any obsta­cles that keep you from desi­gning what you want?
I never com­pro­mi­se on any visi­on I might have, so I would have to say no. My style of desi­gning is and my inspi­ra­ti­on is very abs­tract and most­ly dri­ven by fee­lings & emo­ti­ons. When desi­gning I focus a lot on com­fort which goes beau­ti­ful­ly hand in hand with soft and healt­hy orga­nic  mate­ri­als. When I visua­li­ze a pie­ce of clot­hing I walk around with my eyes clo­sed try­ing to ima­gi­ne how it fits and feels on the body. My visi­on is to crea­te honest and femi­ni­ne easy­we­ar that every woman should be able to wear with com­fort sea­son after sea­son. My muse is not beau­ti­ful, she is natu­ral art, crea­ti­ve and inde­pen­dent. She wears what is natu­ral and healt­hy and she cares about todays pol­lu­ting fashion industry.

Do you think “Fair Fashion” is still a niche mar­ket in Den­mark or does it beco­me more mainstream?
I abso­lute­ly think it is a niche mar­ket still if you focus only on the sustain­ab­le aspect. You don’t meet it a lot, but I defi­ni­te­ly think its win­ning through slow­ly. Howe­ver, I wish to sell my designs, not just a pie­ce of sustain­ab­le clot­hing. The sustain­ab­le aspect of what I do is not first prio­ri­ty in any sales situa­ti­on. I want peop­le to buy it becau­se they like it. The sustain­ab­le back­ground of the brand is some­thing we wish to hold to sup­port & add a deeper value to the garment at the same time as offe­ring a con­scious choice for buy­ers and consumers.

@by Signe - Straptops

Foto: by Signe

What is your favo­ri­te pie­ce in your collec­tion and why?
My favo­ri­te pie­ce of the cur­rent sum­mer collec­tion is the ‘strap top’. Its pos­si­b­ly the most simp­le design I have ever done, but its clean and mini­ma­list and it looks good on you.

One last and com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent ques­ti­on: You are based in Nord­jyl­land, what shouldn’t we miss when visi­ting the area?
You can­not miss a sun­set on the west-coast. Spen­ding a rai­ny day in the modern muse­um ‘Kuns­ten’ in Aal­borg would also be one of my best recom­men­da­ti­ons if you are ever around.

Thank you so much for your time!

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